The Huntingburg Airport is among those who have concerns about the possible implementation of a tax increment finance district in Jasper.

Last night, airport manager Travis McQueen reported to the Dubois County Airport Authority about some of those concerns. The biggest among these is the potential effect of the district on the revenue streams for the airport.

McQueen says the TIF district would have a much wider effect than most people realize. He says 1/4th of the airport’s funding comes from county tax dollars, and the county is among 6 entities that could be affected by a potential TIF. Other impacted entities according to McQueen include the city of Jasper, the Greater Jasper school district, and the Jasper Public Library.

McQueen says the TIF process will be something that the airport watches very closely:

McQueen says the airport will have to increase its existing revenue streams that aren’t funded by taxes. He says they will continue to talk with Jasper city officials and others to gather data on potential impacts.

From his perspective, Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says the TIF is needed to grow the city for the future:

If approved, city officials say the new TIF area would cover the majority of the industrial areas of Jasper. Seitz says funding collected from the new district can be used for things such as education projects.

Now the TIF process is still in its preliminary stages. Seitz says there has only been a declaratory resolution passed thus far. The plan will be presented to both the Jasper Plan Commission and the Jasper City Council this month. No decisions are expected this month.

Today marks Veteran’s Day across the United States and folks everywhere will be taking time to honor those who have served.

The first Veterans Day was on this day in 1919, 1 year after the end of World War 1. President Woodrow Wilson originally called the day ‘Armistice Day’ and stated that it was a day to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Steve Lindauer is with the Southern Indiana Leatherneck detachment of the Marine Corps League. He says it will always be important to honor those who gave their life serving their country:

Dave Englert is also with the Southern Indiana Leatherneck detachment. He says the best way to honor veterans is to help those veterans who may be in need:

Though World War 1 ended on this day in 1918, it was not officially recognized as the end of the war until the passing of a resolution in June of 1926.

‘Armistice Day’ was made an official holiday in the United States in May of 1938. The name was changed to ‘Veterans Day’ in 1954 following World War 2 and the Korean War.

Today, Veterans Day is observed every year on November 11th, regardless of what day it falls on. Locally, Jasper High School will be hosting its annual Veterans Day program today. The program gets underway with 10 o’clock.

This year’s speaker is Staff Sgt Randy Meyer of the United States Marine Corps.

This year’s St. Anthony Sesquicentennial was a huge success.

Last night, the St. Anthony Sesquicentennial committee was on hand at the St. Anthony Community Center to report on this year’s event. Committee chair Scott Uelbehor announced that the event left the committee with 88 thousand dollars in profits after all expenses were paid. Uelbehor stated there were some history books and other items left to sell that could raise that number.

Now the committee decided last Monday to invest a large portion of that leftover money. The committee presented a check for 75 thousand dollars to the Dubois County Community Foundation. That money will go into the St. Anthony Community Endowment that was established at the Foundation earlier this year.

Uelbehor says the money will help St. Anthony remain a viable community going forward:

Clayton Boyles with the Community Foundation says community endowments are a key part of what the Foundation does. He says those endowments are beneficial to communities no matter how big they may be:

Now anyone interested in contributing to the endowment can do so. Gifts can be short term such as cash or stock shares. They can also be long term, such as retirement plans and deferred gift annuities.

A pair of leaving the scene accidents kept local authorities busy yesterday.

At about 1:40 yesterday morning, Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies were called to an accident at the intersection of County Road 325 East and State Road 164. Deputies say 23-year-old Tabbitha Uppencamp tried to stop for the stop sign at the intersection, but failed to come to a complete stop. Her vehicle then went through the intersection. It wound up in a yard just south of the intersection.

Uppencamp’s vehicle then continued through the yard, up a rock embankment, and then into a second yard Tabbitha Uppencampbefore getting back onto the road. Uppencamp’s vehicle sustained 2 thousand dollars in damage. Damage to the yard and rock embankment came out to 500 dollars.

Now Jasper Police Dispatch had also been called about Uppencamp driving erratically around the same time as sheriff’s deputies were called. JPD officers pulled her over at the Circle A along North Newton Street. Jasper Police found that Uppencamp was intoxicated with a BAC of .09 percent.

Jasper Police arrested Uppencamp and booked her into the Dubois County Security Center. JPD charged her with a Level 6 felony for OWI. Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies charged her with a Class B misdemeanor for Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Property Damage.

A passenger in Uppencamp’s vehicle (Kyle Probizanski) was not injured.

Then just before 9 o’clock last night, Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies were called to South Newton Street just north of State Road 162. Deputies say 20-year-old Alex Snedeker of Jasper was southbound on South Newton approaching the intersection with State Road 162 when his truck was rear-ended by a truck driven by 23-year-old Andrew Long Jr of Huntingburg. Long Jr then proceeded to pass Snedeker and did not stop after the accident. Each vehicle sustained 15 hundred dollars worth of damage.

Huntingburg Police later stopped Long Jr’s vehicle at Van Buren Street and Pleasant View Drive in Huntingburg. Long Jr told deputies he knew that he hit Snedeker’s vehicle, but he didn’t notice any damage, so he thought he didn’t have to stop.

Long Jr was taken into custody and lodged in the Dubois County Security Center. He is charged with a Class B misdemeanor for leaving the scene of an accident involving another motor vehicle. Huntingburg Police and Kars Wrecker Service also assisted.

A passenger in Long Jr’s vehicle (Kaitlyn Harding) was not injured.

A Jasper man was airlifted to an Evansville hospital following an accident in southeastern Dubois County over the weekend.

At 2:45 on Saturday afternoon, Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Santine Road and Hall Creek Road on a reported single vehicle accident. When they arrived, deputies say 29-year-old Chad Taylor was found lying on the ground next to his overturned minivan.

Taylor was treated on scene. He was then taken to Jasper’s Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Due to the severity of his injuries, deputies say Taylor was airlifted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Evansville.

After further investigation, deputies say Taylor was travelling along Santine Road near Hall Creek Road when his van went off of the roadway in a curve. The van then went into a ditch, causing it to roll over out to a nearby corn field. Deputies say the accident was likely caused by Taylor travelling at unsafe speeds.

Taylor’s van sustained 8 thousand dollars worth of damage. Deputies cited Taylor for driving while suspended.

Celestine First Responders, Memorial Hospital EMS, and a wrecker from Uelbehor’s all assisted.

A Huntingburg woman was taken into custody after her car was found abandoned along the side of the road just outside of the city limits overnight.

At 10 o’clock last night, Huntingburg Police were called about a vehicle that had gone off of the roadway on East 1st Street east of Huntingburg City Park. After locating the vehicle and finding nobody in it, the case was turned over to the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department since it happened out in the county.

After investigation, police determined that the vehicle had been going eastbound on 1st Street east of the park when it ran off of the north side of the road for an unknown reason. After a KARS wrecker took the vehicle from the scene, deputies were able to find the license plate number, which traced back to 24-year-old Sarah Boeglin.

Deputies then went to Boeglin’s home to speak to her. Boeglin admitted that she was driving the vehicle. Deputies also found that she was under the influence of alcohol.

Boeglin was taken into custody and lodged in the Dubois County Security Center. She is facing OWI charges.

Her vehicle sustained 25 hundred dollars worth of damage. Huntingburg Police also assisted.

2 Jasper men and a Dubois man were arrested overnight after police found drugs in their vehicle.

While on patrol last night, a Jasper Police officer noted a suspicious vehicle that was stopped at Andrew MastersonGutzweiler Park. The officer noted there were 4 people in all inside the vehicle.

After speaking with the people inside the vehicle, the officer found marijuana and paraphernalia on Eric Lampstoneach person and inside the vehicle. The officer then arrested 23-year-old Andrew Masterson and 20-year-old Eric Lampston (both of Jasper) along with 19-year-old Cody Flinn of Dubois.

All 3 were lodged in the Dubois County Security Center early this morning. All 3 are charged with Class Cody FlinnB misdemeanors for possession of paraphernalia. Masterson and Flinn are each facing Class A misdemeanors for possession of marijuana.

Jasper Police say the fourth person in the vehicle was not arrested or charged.